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Granite is one of the oldest rock the world has ever seen. It is basically natural stone made of extreme heat and underground deep pressure making it resilient and tough. It is famous for its hard surface and long lasting characteristics. Historically, granite used to be reserved for special monuments and elite buildings hence it was considered as a symbol of class and royalism.

Here are 10 uses of granite you can think about while doing your new construction or renovation project.

Quality in Stone:

From the Roman bridges to cathedral and the pyramids, the ancient minds used granites to guarantee the long life of the building.  It is famous for its quality since pre-development era because of its exclusively robust exterior and strong natural qualities.

Beautiful floors:

Granite when used along with marble makes a perfect combination. Its beautiful linings and veins has always been an astonishing features multiplying the beauty of the structure.

Water Absorbent:

It is very uncommon and glittering feature of granite that it absorbs water. Basically the surface is water resilient to fight against rain, humidity and other natural disasters. Consequently, if a granite surface is exposed to humidity and water, one should not worry about the quality of the granite. It is because its water resistance that long ago granite would be chosen by workers for great buildings and palaces.

Kitchen and stairs

Modern technology and advance machines has made it feasible to use big granite slabs for designing stairs and kitchen decoration. The modern day workers know that granite is the only natural rock to preserve the beauty and display an elegant look on the wall. Granite is the most famous choice for kitchen countertops and other displays. Moreover, it is water proof, heat resistant, easy to maintain and hard to damage. Making it an impeccable option for kitchen and stairs designs.

Strength of stone and price

Granites are comparatively cheap than the other gym. Since it is easily available in market with sufficient professionals to fulfil the installments, therefore, it is cost friendly and accessible. Thanks to the modern and advance machines and updated knowledge in this field, huge slabs of granites are easily available and can be used to make a perfect design. Furthermore, its extensive lining and inner shape makes it more like gym in a very affordable price.

Paving stones:

Granites are an interesting and colorful alternative to smooth patios or driveways. When the beauty of native natural stone is combined with exquisite workmanship, the patio or driveway is transformed to create a spectacular view and feel. In the past, granite blocks were also used to pave roads in cities.


Either it is an opening or gratitude memorial, Granites are the perfect material for designing and it guarantees the long-lasting quality.


Granite remnants are easy to get for free or for very little cost from granite suppliers. Choose long, thin pieces of beautiful granite and mount them to the wall for instant sophisticated storage space that coordinates with your bathroom or living room.

Garden Edging:

There’s no better way to set off the beauty of your garden than by using natural materials like wood and stone. Instead of buying boring stone pavers, use granite remnants to edge your garden or driveway. The striking color and veining of the stone will set off the brilliant blooms and foliage of your garden and keep it tidy.


Natural stone is a clear winner for a fireplace, especially if your existing fireplace is outdated or plain. Granite tile or slabs can be installed over the existing face and mantel of your fireplace for an instant facelift. Black granite in particular is a good choice for reflecting the light of a fire.


Granite is famous for its high resistance water proof qualities for ages. From pre-modern era to modern era, granite has been the center of the attention in construction industry. Lastly, the recent development in mining industry made it possible to use granite in a customized shape for your own project.



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