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Panther Black Granite


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Panther Black Granite – An item from the heart of Hindu Kush & Karakoram Mountain Range in Pakistan. Although, the versatile stone comes from the belly of the mountains with great precision and engineering, it is however, processed and polished in China, to elucidate the patterns that have coined the name “Panther” to describe.

The strength of Panther Black Granite stone surpasses and bolts miles ahead of Corian material which is commercially used but leaves a foul after taste in the user’s mind. With a high physical depreciation rate it weighs heavy on the user when utilized in Kitchens, Bathroom sinks, Vanities, Window cils among such.

Himalayan Marbles provides Panther Black as a perfect alternative to the user, which has zero percent water retention (waterproof and resistant); perfect stone for exterior use & interior use in Kitchens. It is excellent choice for anywhere that is water prone, without leaving water spots that are hard to clean and remove & seem annoying.

Stairs can be made from Panther Black Granite, which is not only great for heavy human traffic minus the wear and tear of the surface but easy to wet-clean and wash to maintain the inherent grains of the stone. Its easy maintenance, high use and brilliant patterns are some of the many built in features of this Granite stone.

Perfect for shopping malls, bank counters and commercial setups, due it being a natural stone it is easily disinfected to avoid transmission and festering of various bacteria and viruses. This essential element cannot be discounted in these testing pandemic times upon us all. Indisputably easy for even a child to sanitize in high food traffic areas.

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Panther Black Granite


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