Koh-Hindu Kush Granite Bathroom Wash Basin with Shelf collection. Made from expert granite with an urbane natural exterior, this Hanging Vanity collection improves an extravagant touch to any bathroom – not to specify the convenience of the stowage for proprietorship your favorite products close at hand. Wall fixed in decree to sort a brand of a spacious bathroom, you have the additional choice of selecting an uncompelled vanity to use the unit’s space even more. The Koh-Hindu Kush Granite Bathroom Wash Basin with Shelf collection comes with a single pre-drilled tap hole for a monophonic basin. Boost some five-star embellishments to your bathroom with the Hanging Vanity collection and twin unit with the counter. This grand vanity collection is focused on concrete sophistication modern design. Swaggering a massive space for stowage those bathroom fundamentals, keeping your bathroom immaculately pacific, and a very comforting 10-year manufacturer’s assurance, the Endlessness is fairly alluring! Adjust this diminutive slice of ecstasy by choosing from delightful touches for your bathroom unit; Hanging Vanity with Shelf collection – we admire them altogether! Amending your bathroom material to commune your detailed grace is what we love at this point, so the Hanging Vanity with Shelf collection also derives from a selection of shadows. What’s not to love about the Wall hung vanity collection? The Hanging Vanity collection is prepared from tough surface granite marbles which is an indestructible material that put on the natural appearance of the exterior. It’s an exceeding bland selection for bathrooms that understand a lot of ordinary movement, suggesting exceptional confrontation to any marks; even hair color and makeup. Exceptional for family homes where there are roving little hands and fingers, the rock-hard exterior is antiseptic and halts the expansion of microorganisms too.